Prelude to the beginning

This is a story to end my series on…..

The journey was a hassle before I even left the states. For those that travel — avid or not, we know the struggle with overweight bags and the need for all of the “essentials” that you packed. I arrived at the airport and my bag was 54 POUNDS. Which was four pounds over and the attendant at the desk vehemently said no. SOO I shoved and moved things around and got it down to about 51 pounds and he was going to charge me about 200 dollars for a pound overweight. So of course the inner Nigerian in me would not let that happen so I told him to bring someone higher up in the attendant chain and I pleaded my case to them….

The takeaway here is do not give up. Let your conflict side arise and you might just get out of paying 200 dollars.


Let me know what awesome and scary things have happened to you all.

Till next time



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