Don’t sell me beer by the Eiffel Tower

Hello All! Welcome to the final installment of my recollection series. The last weekend of the best month and a half of my life was absolutely bitter-sweet. I made friendships that I for sure would not have made without this program. I created memories and felt a sense of freedom that comes from stepping outside of your comfort zone. I sit back and reflect and miss everything that this summer made me. I hope I don’t lose it.


  • We had our last movie night as a class. If you read my last post the title was a hint to the musical that we got to see..  Can you guess it?
  • Ok. Ok I’ll tell you. We went to see KINKY BOOTS and it was absolutely fantastic. Phenomenal music, sexy actors, and wonderful choreography. I left that theater pretty sure I was going to learn all the moves and rock boots for the rest of my life.
  • That last week we also decided that going out for the night life 4 days in a row was a good idea. NEWSFLASH: It wasn’t. I was a zombie but an elated one. A zombie with a vice for dancing.
  • We said lots of goodbyes and cried together but made definitive plans to stay in each others life and keep each other updated.


  • After that week was over I had about another couple of days left before I had to return to the states so of course I had to visit Paris.
  • If we’re being honest there is not much to say about this trip. After the vibe of Madrid and the atmosphere and the weather and as pretentious as this is going to make me sound…. Paris was completely underwhelming.
  • TIPS:
    • French is helpful. There are English speakers but I feel that having a grasp of the langauge is useful
    • Take more money than you think you will need. This country is incredibly expensive
    • Use public transport. The train systems are phenomenal and the buses too. On top of the availability, it is also quite cheap.
    • Double check your hotel area. Don’t just always go for the cheapest
      • We booked the first hotel that we saw and it was bad, dangerous, and small. This meant we had to book another hotel and that cost us much more than we had budgeted for.
    • VISIT: Jardin du Luxembourg. It is beautiful and huge and serene. Makes you feel like a princess and the world is your castle.
    • Enjoy the food
    • Enjoy the men/women
    • Enjoy every little thing about every little aspect because although my heart now lives in Madrid, the experience of being immersed by a whole new culture is unforgettable.

THIS IS IT FOLKS! This is the end of this series. Thank you so much for sticking with me and reading and liking and hopefully commenting soon.

This experience was definitely one that I will never take for granted and actually never stop talking about. Stay tuned for something a little different in the next few days.

P.S. I was thinking of doing a mini series of studying abroad and how to enact that dream. Let me know if you are interested.


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