Rooftop terrace in Madrid

Hello everyone! WELCOME to week 2.

In relation to class and my school topic we had the wonderful opportunity to go see a musical : Motown the Musical and it was AMAZING!!! The actors were phenomenal and engaged with the crowd, the theater was breathtaking and the message was important and something everyone needs to relearn.

Other than class work, Week two was wild. To explain I am going to list bullet points and go into more detail

  1. 4 story walk up
  2. Shoreditch
  3. Jazz Bar
  4. Palaces
  5. Snogging at bars
  6. Palacio de Cristal

Of course not in numerical order…. Lets get going!

2.Of course I have spent a considerable amount of time in London in the past but I never got to experience the tourist-y or even local life. So my cousin took me to the coolest district and a popping party place. We walked around and ate at a Thai restaurant that didn’t sit you at individual tables but at long tables with other people. So we ate with some very drunk older men which in itself was an adventure.

3. Walking around Shoreditch lead us to two places that I believe everyone should visit. A. a very cool street called boxpark. It’s a long stretch of what I would describe as container crates each with their own little pop up shop. It was eclectic and fun and the street art is to die for.                                                                                                                            B. We circled back around to a Caribbean owned jazz bar that was absolutely fantastic. I cannot vouch for the food or drinks because we had just come from dinner but the ambience was amazing. If you are looking for a night of relaxation and good music do not miss Shoreditch.

1. The whole week all I could think about was my upcoming trip to Madrid and boy did it not disappoint. I will attach a link to the bottom of the apartment hotel we stayed at. But it was a dream. Everything there is reasonably priced and I kid you not but EVERY SINGLE COP was sooo attractive. The only downside is that you do need some form of basic conversational spanish to get around. I was luck enough to have that and it allowed me to haggle a bit.

4/6: I was only there for a long weekend so I did not hit a lot of tourist-y destinations which is what I prefer. Whenever I travel I try to avoid doing too much because there is a romance to walking through Plaza Major and people watching while sipping water (which you will buy every five seconds because the heat was something else) and being surrounded by people you love. I recommend the royal palace because of the enormity and the beautiful jewels and rooms. I walked thru it all with my eyes wide open and my heart warm and full. I also recommend Mirador Madrid. This is a rooftop terrace that we used to ring in my friends 21st birthday. The drinks are  little expensive but their Sangria is amazing and the waiters are friendly and the people are warm and inviting.

5. The last night of the best weekend of my life at this moment was spent at a little hole in the wall bar called “La Bicicleta” and I had quite the night. Straight off the bat I see a good looking guy from the corner of my eye come and say hi to me. He chats me up, puts his hand on my shoulder gives me the usual compliments and then asks me what I think he does for a living. He is a stocky well-built guy so my initial reaction is Wrestler. I was very wrong because he was actually a Broadway guy on West end who is currently doing an Asian tour of the Jersey boys. We chat and of course he tells me that I will become his new best friend and who am I to say no 😉 . Right as he is about to leave he turns to me and goes hey you wanna make out (this is after dropping a sweaty kiss on me) and I have nothing to respond but “I am very tempted sir” and our paths drifted away and I did not get to kiss this man.

OVERALL: The experience was unforgettable. I had so much fun and so many pictures to share. If anyone has any fun bar or travel stories please let me know.

P.S. Andy from Jersey boys… I miss you so hit a sista up.

P.P.S: Here is a link to the second week video;

  • Includes room tour and more fun surprises
  • Here is a link to the creators blog too:


Image-1 (1)   IMG_9560IMG_9551

Till tomorrow lovelies.


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