Lavenders in Lancock

Of course this is a day late but lets dive right in…

The first full week in London was absolutely crazy… I moved into my room and I will link a video that goes into more detail of what the room looked like but boy was it weird.

The first week was full of classes and it was a little crazy. We stayed about an hour and a half outside of London — a tiny suburb called Eltham and we had classes at the absolutely gorgeous University of Greenwich Maritime Campus. IMG_0302 (PC: A beautiful new friend)

To give a little background on the program: It was through the public health department at my Uni and the program dealt specifically with the NHS and assimilation and acculturation with minorities. This made the class make-up so diverse and beautiful and allowed me the opportunity to meet absolutely breathtaking and lifelong friends.

Anyway…. Class ended every week on Thursday leaving fantastic three-day weekends and we planned very early on to go on a day trip somewhere spectacular. This was our first mistake… It was only a mistake because the night before our day trip was also the night we decided to head into the night life for the first time.

So of course we all get ready to the nines…. because apparently the London night scene has a dress code and we head out for a good time. If anyone is visiting London soon and wants to hit a night club I say do the “Piccadilly Institute”, this is a club that you know will always have people. Tried and tested. And with a 5 pound cover charge for the ladies on a bad day, its pretty good. We went out (bout 13 in total) and stayed out till 2 or 3 in the morning and the day trip started at 5!!

That was the mistake. By the time we had all slugged ourselves back home we were tired and we had about three hours of not great sleep before we were out and about again. The worst part (apart from navigating to the assigned location) was the voice of the tour guide. It was grating and soothing at the same time. I spent most of the trip sleeping on the bus and wearing shades to hide my very weary eyes. Image-1.jpg

(Shades and unimpressive Stonehenge)

Places we visited on the day trip:

  • Lancock
    • A beautiful little town that apparently most celebrities buy their retirement houses in and that’s about it. It was the quintessential British country side. Small cobblestone houses and people sold little vials of everything right outside their doors and all you did was pick up the goods and slip the money in a jar or under their door
    • I bought a bag of lavender that I still carry in my jacket pocket
    • For harry potter fans… there is a significance to this place (Comment if you know it)
  • Windsor castle
    • I am not a big fan of European Monarchs (especially the British) So I was overwhelmed and annoyed that I paid to see people flaunting wealth and stole goods.
  • Bath
    • We got to visit the Roman baths in the perfect town. It was picturesque and sold the best gelato and chocolate
  • Stonehenge
    • We went for the experience but it was quite underwhelming.

Overall the trip was absolutely beautiful and that was a wrap for the first part of the series. See you tomorrow 🙂

P.S. Let me know if you want to hear some wild club stories and I might let you in on a little secret

P.P.S: Here is the link to the first week:


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