Recap: 4 weeks in four posts

Once again of course I have been MIA. I am officially back in the states and back in the swing of my Junior year. Would you believe that a week into my program the most unfortunate thing happened…. the internet went down.

So of course, my plan for updating and keeping track of the wonderful adventures that I was partaking in got thrown out the window. When I arrived back in the States I  was immidiately thrown back into work world and found another excuse. Writing is my vice and my tranquility, Travel is the catalyst for that and sharing is the ultimate satisfaction.

For the next week I will be doing a weekly recap and a link to a YouTube video that shows the successful journey. I am sorry about what is of course a lack of motivation and ingenuity but to me writing is a cathartic release of stress and I always have plans to use this medium as a way to bare my weighted soul to you all. Please stay tuned and follow along with me.



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