Mind the Gap

I have been having what one can only call the best time of my life. In the past week alone, I have visited Harrods, people watched in Trafalgar square, gotten lost in Westminster, met wonderful waiters, and been to a mosque.

What I have learned so far about traveling is that you have to live with a so what attitude. I know that personally I am a bold and crazy person and no matter where I go, I do not squelch that. The reason being if I am the best when I am myself why would I want to go for an adventure without enjoying it to the best of my ability.

With that in mind I have, thru the many experiences that I will share– come up with a few rules that will help you have the best experience.

Rules for travel:

  • Do not be afraid to get lost
    • A couple of my girlfriends and I decided to ditch the smart phone maps and walk around. We spent probably an hour walking in a part of London that we did not know and of course we got lost. But there is nothing wrong with that. We found a picturesque middle eastern restaurant that although was originally pricey was greatly reduced when the manager gave us a discount and free dessert. This is a memory I would not have had if I did not get lost.
  • Be un-apologetically foreign
    • People are always scared to look like tourists. But why, you know you are and tho you try to hide it all those around you know. Ask for help, smile and who knows  maybe there will be nice people who tell you of where all the major attractions and night life scenes are (personal experience)
  • Be a local
    • This might sound a little contradictory from the second rule but a lot of travelers tend to focus on just what is “popular” but sometimes the gems are always hidden. My friends and I are staying about an hour outside of central london but right in this suburbia is the best Indian food I have ever had. It would have remained a mystery if I never thought to delve into the unknown
    • The most important thing that I have learned is that no matter what the struggles are or the problems arise. Take everything in stride. if you’re not careful you might stumble and miss your stop. So MIND THE GAP


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