6am drinks

Part 1: Recap: Last night I believe that I was in and out of planes for a full 24 hours before I finally descended in London. I think I threw up about four times because the universe cursed me with a love of travel and terrible bouts of motion sickness. I did try to get upgraded tho…. (which didn’t work) and I believe that the fact that the first leg of the trip the plane was hot, and small and so uncomfortable which also added to the nausea.

Question?: How do you all deal with motion sickness if you suffer from it? Please shoot me a few tips.

Part 2: Plans: The day started off quite early with the sun shining into my bedroom at 6am. I crave sun like sunflowers. Like I am full of pins with auxin flowing down my shoot I bend with the sun. I had a cup of Milo and watched a movie in the arms of the sun and wrapped around the living room sofa. It was majestic. I want today to be nothing but adventure and fingers crossed (eligible men)

Part 3: Upcoming: Today I am going to take a train into London and get lost. Hopefully I can find my way back home.

Question: What do you all make sure to do on your vacations? Can you guess the movie I was watching?




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