12 hours and counting

Part 1: EXCITEMENT: Today is the day…. It’s a little after one am and in a little over twelve hours I will be on a plane to London and I have been so frantic in my last minute packing that I have not had time to reflect. So I believe that is what I would like to do now.

Part 2: Reflection: I have been struggling a little with patience and also with new beginnings. The past couple weeks I could not wait for this day to get here. I could not wait to start a new journey and so I eagerly counted down the days and went to sleep early so that they days would get here faster but now that the day is here, I am realizing that boy have I taken the wrong approach.

I have been so busy rushing that I have forgotten the joys in getting ready and I truly believe that that is where half the fun is. So today I sat back and I did something that I have always loved. I packed. And I packed well. My advice to anyone traveling is to dont dawdle but save your favorite part of packing/traveling till the night before. For me I love making little containers so I designed myself a first aid/survival kit. I drove myself to the local supermarket, got little travel sized goodies, a cup of coffee and I came home to create.

Part 3: Reflection: This little process of slowing down was so helpful that I really suggest it to anyone. I am so excited to take you all on this journey with me and I hope you all are excited to go with me. Please let me know what you do to take a breath and also if anyone has any tips for keeping myself busy on the flight… drop them below.




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