Single Digits

Part 1: Apology: So very sorry that I have been out of action. I am hoping to rebrand my blog and write more about what I love. I want to take my blog away from travel and into lifestyle, or more appropriately short snapshots into the life of a hectic college student. So without further adieu and a complete overhaul. WELCOME BACK ALL!!

Part 2: New news: In reference to my title and picture I am so excited to announce that in NINE DAYS I will be on the adventure of a lifetime and these nine days are going by as slowly as they possibly can. I will be in Europe for a little over a month and I want to share some goals so that I  can hold myself accountable.

  • Take pictures of small provincial towns
  • Make lasting friendships in surprising places.
  • Step outside of my comfort zone.

Part 3: Upcoming: I want to do an essentials in traveling so expect that soon. I will be spending a majority of my time in London so if anyone has any ideas on things to do and people to meet. Let me know!



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