Ugly mug and Bible Study


The week is rapidly passing by and with that the anxiety that I also feel on a daily basis is returning.

This past weekend I had the wonderful privilege of spending my day  with some fantastic friends. I like lists, so let me make a list.

  • Was a guest on my friends radio show
  • Had some coffee with a friend for some silent bible time
  • Proceeded to another coffee shop with the cutest view, for Bible study
  • Had lunch with my friends new BF.
    • Introducing him finally to our fam bam
  • Went to see my friend initiated into her honour society
  • Went to a wonderful church service
  • Caught up with a real cute guy
  • Got some HW Done

So all in all I would say it was a real good weekend.

Overall the resounding theme of the weekend was not to worry. I don’t have a lot to write but I just wanted to share the message that everything will be ok. Right now is hard and frustrating and difficult but the success and victory that you will reap is HUGE.




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