Near-Death Experience

As a self-proclaimed lover of life I spend most of my days looking for the bright side of things. Today I talked to my mother over Facetime and my outlook on life only strengthened. I called to of course quell my nerves about my Biology midterm tomorrow and she sitting there perfect and intelligent cutting up vegetables for dinner just smiled and laughed with me. She regaled me with stories of my childhood and the many times I almost didn’t get the chance ti stress over midterms. She first reminded me of the time I in my three year old curiousness was seeking out a bottle top and ran head first into a coffee table, splitting my head open and covering our poor living room floor in my ruby red blood. As we laughed at my mischievous self and a few more other horrifying stories I was calm and happy. A wave of peace washed over me as I stared at my wonderful mothers face and her joy of me still kicking and loving life. As she kicked me off the phone so I could study I took a moment to reflect. I sat there thinking about how fortunate I was to be here, how life has been so good to me. How I am still around and get to fail (a lot) but still get up and throw myself back into the stress. I wrote this to remind myself how fragile the fabric of life is. How easy it is to be nothing but a speck in the sun and to embrace taht stress and uneasiness as really another head gusher and you will come out on top. To be the adult smiling with family and laughing as you chop vegetables and your only worry is what to eat for dinner.


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