Second half of rocking IB…

The reason that I do absolutely love IB so much is the polo club that my family is a member of. I really do adore horses especially ones of the polo variety and every time I get to ride a polo horse I am very ecstatic.

What is a girl to do when the one thing that brings her joy also brings along pain and endless itching? This question comes from the fact that I might be a little allergic to horses or hay… so when I ride there is endless sneezing and bloodshot eyes prone to scratching.

I was once told jokingly in fact that it was all part of love, of course the situation wasn’t in the least bit serious, it involved a thirteen year old tomboy that got her kicks out of roughing me about a little. But something else seemed to erupt from that unfortunate phrase. That many people use love as an excuse to do the regrettable, of course my situation was different but in a country as patriarchal as Nigeria, that phrase seems to linger whether said or not.

Apart from the polo club, I visited the mall and with the inflation prices it only makes sense that all games would be expensive, so I settled for getting my butt beat in bowling and watching the other opponent do an “I beat you” dance right in front of my face. (How classy!). The trip to IB also involved another little roadtrip with our crew of eleven. Early morning rush into the bus and watching white queen all the way ended in a nice little apartment and going to the zoo. I have always prided myself in grabbing my fear by the horns and riding it until I fear no more, let me tell you I am afraid of heights, and am on the mend to cure it. So going to the zoo meant having to climb the rope walk and that day the Lord was happy because all my sins were repented at that moment. My last moments in life (in my head at least) turned into a triumph. I might not do it again for a real long time, but I am glad I stood up for my fears.

My gangly group of eleven was together for a week and then the parentals headed us back to the big city, but  fortunately with a little persuasion and a need for more family loving, the group got to stay and ride with us all the way back to Lagos and there a whole new set of adventures began. Before we left though I did get my hair done and I wanna share that.


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