Three hours is too long!

today was Sunday, and that is my favorite day in Nigeria! The recognition of different religions in Nigeria is always a relief to see. The shops close and offices give employees the day off to go to all religious duties, and let me tell you those duties are not taken lightly. I am as Christian as the next person, and statistically that next person is a recognized Christian too. I went to an Anglican church today that was three hours! Most of it belonged to traditions/rituals. Not bad rituals, just things done all the time!

I fell asleep during the sermon, (yes, I know bad me), but I got things from it that’s for sure. Since it is a Sunday though, there wasn’t really that much to do, I went over to see my grandma in the morning for some chop, and then we went to a birthday party that was much too big for a one year old. Then to Cold Stone again, only to come back home and pack so that we can drive to Ibadan early in the morning, — Another part of Nigeria–

There was originally a tailor supposed to come to the house for measurements, but he has been put all day, so I am due at the shop at 7:30am to sew some garbs, that I must say are gonna look dapper.

The vacation continues and I am always left impressed! Stay close for more of my mundane living 🙂


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