Babies can be fat

Disclaimer: There will be a rant in this post

I again apologize for the late post, this not coming home till late thing is killing my creative juices, but the good times are definitely flowing. Instead of making two separate posts, I will just do yesterdays and todays together.

List of thoughts that I had yesterday:

  • Even though we sometimes have no electricity, if it is light youre looking for just open the wiondows. Living in a place where its sun all the time is a blessing.
  • Just had coldstone, the western influence knows no boundaries.
  • Pedestrians defintely do not have the right of waY
  • What? Water!
  • Parkour is an everyday business
  • Happy Eid Mubarak/ Salat
  • The honk is not merely an accesory.
  • Political sceince is my route now
  • Only Nigeria can be a country in depression when we have a ton of money.

All of those are just some thoughts I had that can be explained if you all want to know more about the insides of my brain….

Today was a get up and go kind of day, some home cooking with my grandma: Akara and Custard. My little cousin finally opened up to me today and made my day a little brighter.

We drove to lekki and it was beautiful, there we went to the beach and someone accidentally almost drowned. No finger pointing. Then we drove to a house to clean up and marvel at beauty and ended the day at a shopping mall (yes, we do have those)

This blog was mainly started because I wanted to educate people and let them know we do not live in the jungle, and are sorrounded by animals, I hope I am getting that across to you guys, ask questions if I’m not.

Anyway, another cultural lesson I guess I forgot is that you always greet people older than you. not with a high, but with a good morning, and so forth. Also never hand things with your left hand. My cousin also thinks that when Elsa was building her castle, she moved her arms in an “O” shape for Olaf! (How Precious)

Rant: As much as I want Nigeria to progress, I still want it to be my home. If we all become westernized then whats the appeal of Nigeria anymore, l can just go to the west. Also I have seen some foreigners — more than before — during my visit. I have no problem in peoople coming to experience, infact that is my dream, but I guess I am terrified that they will come in and try to take over. I mean everytime europeans have come  to a country it has never really ended well. I want my home to be my home, l come here for home cooking, and pidgin english and Yoruba, not for people to come and convince my brothers and sisters that everyone should speak english.

Rant Over: There will be a gallery a picture of everything… ENJOY!!


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