Chicken cutting

This is a late post, because yesterday I was so tired — jet lag still gripping me — and I promptly fell asleep before I could post.

Yesterday was pretty eventful, Woke up pretty early and trudged myself to my uncles kitchen to boil some hot water for a shower, and then proceeded to call my grandmothers driver to take us to her house.

We hit up a bakery after we left, that was delicious and ridden with cute college boys (picture unavailable). I snagged myself a donut bread, and fried chicken… a heart attacks delight.

Nevertheless, the food was delicious, and the scenery allowed me to take in the cultural aspects of my country that I had missed so much.

No matter how hot it got, there was always a modicum of modesty that was held. The men in their long shirts and shorts, and the women in either traditional attire or long skirts and shirts with their hair wrapped either for religion but mostly for cultural.

Yesterday night was definitely an eye opener to all the traditions that I have missed.

Cooking: The oldest child cooks dinner along with the oldest child of the house you are staying in, when you make for the fathers the oldest gets the bigger plate and the most food. The plate must be decorated and not just plopped on there, and then everything cleaned.

I remembered little but for the most part, yesterday was a brutal refresher course, hopefully today goes a little better.

First up: Akara and Custard


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