We have arrived!! After late night crying, waking up at 5am, and a 21 hour flight we are here on our first stop. My heart and home– Nigeria!

The flight we took was Emirate, and that took us about fourteen hours to get to Dubai, where we had a layover for about three hours. From there, there was now a seven hour flight to Lagos only to be brought back to the reality that yes, Lagos= Traffic!

The first day as you probably imagined, was pretty uneventful and all I did was eat rice and visit my grandma.

My plane outfit
My plane outfit

The layover and final destination were both hot countries, so I opted for a simple overall and t-shirt, with a thick pair of pants in my carry-on.

Walking into my uncle’s house, I am always amazed at the little intricacies that make it so unique, check out this little frame ceiling.


Little things like that are what I expect to see on my little stay here, signing out and more to come tomorrow!

Caoi, Babies!!


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